Sleepless nights with a baby? Colic and gaziki, from which the baby is filled with many hours of crying? Constant lack of sleep due to displeased rumbling in the baby’s tummy?

You will not believe, but the solution to the problem is at your fingertips! Or rather – in the feeding bottle that you have chosen for your child! Remember, by what criteria did you choose a bottle for your baby? The most beautiful, sweetest, with the inscription “0+”?

Let’s figure out how to choose the right feeding bottles to save yourself and your baby from the torment! Remember that any bottle must be sterilized before each use!

The correct choice of bottle occurs according to the main criteria:

  • the material from which baby feeding bottles are made
  • volume
  • nipple type and flow
  • the presence of additional elements: handles for the baby, anti-colic and anti-vacuum valves, a measuring scale, a spare nipple in the kit.

Let’s analyze each point in more detail.


Baby feeding bottle from 0 months old should be made of high quality high-strength materials, with exceptional strength, resistance to shock, heat and wear.

PPSU material has excellent hygienic safety, heat resistance, lightness of the material and increased transparency, which will allow you to keep the bottle for the entire period of use in the same form as on the first day of purchase, which means that PPSU feeding bottles from 0 will easily serve you for the entire period of growing up the baby, without requiring replacement and buying bottles again and again.

Food silicone has an excellent anti-slip effect that allows you to give it to the baby in the hands, and due to the large margin of safety, it is not subject to mechanical and thermal damage.


The bottles differ in volume, depending on the age for which they are intended.

Bottles for newborns have a maximum capacity of up to 90 ml, while bottles for older babies can go up to 120, 150 and 210 ml.

Type of nipple

A nipple made of soft food grade silicone may differ in the presence of an anti-colic and anti-vacuum valve, shape anatomy, the presence of spiral ribs on the inside of the nipple, as well as the flow rate.

For a newborn’s first bottle, choose an S size nipple with a slow flow rate and as the baby grows, the nipple can be changed to a size M, L.

With daily use, the bottle nipple should be changed at least once a month, regardless of appearance and condition!

Additional Benefits

It is no secret that when buying a bottle for a baby, we do not think that after a couple of months the baby will begin to be actively interested in it, pick it up and study it. In such a situation, pens, straws and other devices will be a great solution. They not only contribute to the development of fine motor skills of the crumbs, the expansion of horizons and knowledge of the world around them, but also make the use of the bottle more convenient for mom.

In addition, a convenient measuring scale that allows you to determine the exact amount of liquid inside (especially important when feeding children with a deficiency or excess weight) will be an advantage.

A feeding bottle is primarily an accessory for a small child. Bright and attractive design will facilitate the process and make it more fun.

Tips for using the bottle:

Choosing a bottle is not only a choice of a stylish fashion accessory, but also a choice of comfort, health, safety and well-being of your crumbs!


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