At the age of five or six months, the child begins to crawl. Some babies stand on all fours for a long time and sway, oth­ers try to crawl like lit­tle cater­pil­lars. From now on, the baby needs more space for devel­op­ment and games. The task of par­ents is to orga­nize it com­fort­able and safe.

What do you need to know?

The baby moves to the floor. Leav­ing it on a bed or sofa is unsafe. A crib or playpen is safer, but con­stant­ly sit­ting in a con­fined space is bor­ing and harm­ful.

Setting up a play area on the floor!

Chil­dren used to be sent to piles of blan­kets and pil­lows. Today there are more con­ve­nient and mod­ern options. For exam­ple, a soft play mat for chil­dren.

What should be a good play mat?

• Pay atten­tion to the mate­r­i­al from which the rug is made. The child will be on it for a long time. The right rug does not emit odors. In addi­tion, it must be made from a hypoal­ler­genic, non-tox­ic mate­r­i­al. It is impor­tant that the sur­face of the play mat does not absorb mois­ture.

• An oblig­a­tory require­ment for a chil­dren’s rug is an anti-slip coat­ing. It will come in handy when the baby starts to get up and take the first steps.

• A baby mat should be soft. A suf­fi­cient thick­ness of the coat­ing will pro­tect the child from injuries dur­ing crawl­ing and stand­ing at the sup­port.

• Choose a one-piece rug with no small parts or parts that can be eas­i­ly torn off. A spare part from the mat can be inhaled.

• The weight of the mat should be tak­en into account if you plan to take it with you.

• One-piece fold­ing rug will be con­ve­nient to take with you on a vis­it, trav­el and nature.

• Decide what size rug will fit in the room where the child plays. Con­sid­er the para­me­ters in the unfold­ed and assem­bled form.

• Shades of pat­terns on a chil­dren’s devel­op­men­tal rug should not be too bright. Choose a rug with col­or­ful yet calm pat­terns. Plots from the “pull out the eye” series can neg­a­tive­ly affect the psy­che of a small per­son.

Dou­ble-sided fold­ing JOYMAT baby mats are the best choice for your child. They have been test­ed and eval­u­at­ed by thou­sands of moth­ers and babies. They are made of food-grade foam poly­mer and are com­plete­ly safe to use even for new­borns. Mats-mats do not emit odors and tox­ic sub­stances, do not stain the skin and clothes and do not crum­ble.

JOYMAT soft mats are hypoallergenic.

All mats are dou­ble sided. On each side there is a devel­op­ing pat­tern and relief emboss­ing with an anti-slip effect. The mat is suit­able for use on any sur­face: lam­i­nate, ceram­ic tiles, par­quet, linoleum. Foamed food poly­eth­yl­ene has excel­lent sound insu­la­tion. The mats are easy to fold and take up min­i­mal space at home or in the trunk of a car. The weight of the rugs does not exceed one kilo­gram.

How to take care of your JOYMAT?

The rug-mat is not afraid of mois­ture. To clean, just wipe it with a dry cloth.