The path to inde­pen­dent falling asleep, the baby’s sleep in his crib, an ide­al­ly adjust­ed dai­ly rou­tine is long and thorny. Of course, this needs to be worked on so that the baby grows up healthy and vig­or­ous and so that par­ents can ful­ly relax. While you are in the process, let’s try to extend the baby’s sleep, for exam­ple, day­time👇🏼

1️⃣It is worth remov­ing all noisy toys from the baby’s crib that the child can touch in a dream and they will begin to rus­tle, rat­tle or ring.

2️⃣Put the child to sleep dur­ing the day in his crib — small and cozy, and not on a large sofa. We remind you that babies do not need pil­lows and a blan­ket to sleep. enough to wear com­fort­able over­alls.

3️⃣ Try to make the light­ing in the room as calm, dark as pos­si­ble. Draw the cur­tains, close the blinds, turn off the lamps and the TV.

4️⃣Yes, harsh extra­ne­ous nois­es should also be avoid­ed so that sleep lasts a lit­tle longer. No need to rat­tle pots or play Indi­ans with old­er chil­dren)) post­pone activ­i­ties for a short time.

4️⃣Noise that can and should be left to pro­long sleep is White Noise. This monot­o­nous sound is a real sal­va­tion! It kind of lulls you, forc­ing you to sleep more and more …

It is con­ve­nient to use Nan­ny Bun­ny for this:

  • turn on the melody in white noise mode
  • select the desired vol­ume
  • feel free to leave Bun­ny Nan­ny in the baby’s crib