Sleep is a big and very important part of a baby’s life. But all children are individual and require a different approach to themselves. For one child, an affectionate word from the mother is enough to make him fall asleep, while the other needs a month or more to accustom to the daily routine. Today we will share tips that will definitely be able to form the skill of self-falling asleep in your baby.

Set your daily routine

Young children are often very sensitive to the routine of the day. And, having built a constant daily routine, you will get a controlled, little capricious, well-rested child. The main rule of the regime – Compliance with the time interval between classes. It is important that they take place at the same time. Gradually, the child will subconsciously want to go to bed at the same time.

1 hour before bedtime, switch to quieter games

You can draw, build from cubes, play with the designer. That is, to play such games where the child will not have to run, jump, scream, etc.

Create a comfortable sleep environment

The room where the baby sleeps is best darkened as much as possible. If the baby is afraid of the dark, turn on a bright light. One of the necessary requirements for a child to quickly fall asleep is fresh air in the room. That’s why before going to bed, the room must be ventilated. The air temperature in the room should be approximately 22 degrees. Dress your child in comfortable pajamas. It should be free, not have extra elastic bands, so that the baby’s body rests as much as possible.

Use laying rituals

The ritual may include various actions and may vary depending on the age of the baby. For example, before bedtime: change into bed clothes, close the curtains, go to bed, read a book. Before bed at night: collect toys, wash, change clothes, treat the toy with milk and put it to bed. With a favorite toy, the baby will feel not alone and more protected at night.

Sleeping in a separate bed

If you have previously slept with the baby, gradually transfer him to your crib. This is an important step in learning to fall asleep on your own.

Remove negative associations for sleep

It can be motion sickness, jumping on a fitball, riding in a wheelchair, riding an electric swing, nipple, chest, bottle with a mixture. Everything that a child is used to falling asleep with, but after falling asleep it may disappear or change.

Special technique

When the child is accustomed to the above rituals, the “planting” technique can be used. Place a chair next to the bed and gradually, with each next laying down, move with this chair farther and farther away from the baby’s bed, gradually completely disappearing from view.

You can also use the interval method

After completing the rituals, put the baby in the crib and leave the room. After a while, you return so that the child understands that you have not left at all. Gradually increase these return intervals. Just Right – super soft and breathable baby clothes It takes into account all the physiological characteristics of the child and perfectly adapts to his daily life. Order at a discount!