Finger painting is not just a pleasant and fun pastime with a kid who is about to embark on his creative path, but also a very useful and necessary activity. After all, it develops fine motor skills of the hands and massages the palms and fingers, which contributes to the early development of the baby’s speech, and also generally affects the health and well-being of the child. Thanks to finger painting, children also develop thinking, memory and get to know the world around them, learning to distinguish colors along the way.

Especially for you, we have prepared a creative and interesting idea for finger painting with finger gouache “Tsvetik” from Nevskaya Palitra! Together we will draw a tree with powerful and wide branches.


We will need: paper, finger gouache “Flower”, pencil.

1 step: First, choose the color of the trunk of your tree. You may prefer, as we did the standard brown.

2 step: The fun begins! Paint your entire palm in the paint of your choice.

3 step: Print your palm on the sheet you prepared in advance. So the tree trunk is ready!

4 step: With a brush, if necessary, you can paint over the gaps remaining in our trunk, but do not touch the “branches”! On them, we will draw leaves with the end of a pencil dipped in green paint.

5 step: Arrange the leaves around each toe-branch. Your leaves can be different colors! Don’t stop at one.

That’s all! The child is happy, and the “first” masterpiece has already been drawn. It remains only to let it dry, and then hang it in a frame in the most prominent place.

Gouache Finger gouache