Yes, there are new brands on the market all the time, but BB Kitty is known for its excellent quality and ultra-fine texture. We offer you to get acquainted with the ideal diapers that have passed numerous tests and have already received the highest ratings from Russian mothers. Swiss quality BB Kitty can safely say that the quality of diapers meets the highest standards. Proven by the Swiss Certification Center. In addition, the brand has an EAC certificate generally recognized in the Eurasian Economic Union. Swiss quality premium diapers are made using the latest Japanese absorbent SUMITOMO 5D. Able to instantly absorb, leaving the baby’s skin dry. Suitable for use at night. Withstand up to 12 hours. Ultrathin BB Kitty diapers are universal, suitable for boys and girls. Made from natural materials (non-woven material – cotton) and do not cause allergies, irritation. Ideal for the summer season, breathable and do not cause diaper rash. The diapers have been tested and have quality certificates. With care for every child! That’s what BB Kitty’s mission sounds like. We care about every baby and produce diapers using only natural materials. 100% cotton, Japanese SAP absorbent (instantly absorbent). Thus, diapers do not cause allergies, irritations and diaper rash. Hypoallergenic and breathable BB_Kitty diapers really do not cause allergic reactions, but why? – Consist of 100% cotton; – Have no smell; – The multi-layer structure perfectly passes evaporation (no diaper rash, no irritation); – Superabsorbent, developed according to Japanese technology, instantly absorbs without releasing the discharge back! Very soft and gentle The surface of the diaper, both external and internal, is very soft and delicate. You can verify this by simply touching the diaper. We made sure that the kids were comfortable. After all, they spend most of the day in diapers. Ultrathin The big advantage is the ultra-thin layer of the diaper. During active games, the baby does not feel heaviness, absolutely nothing prevents him from actively playing. The diaper does not move out and does not bulge. Even when the diaper is full, it does not fall into a lump between the baby’s legs, but evenly distributes the liquid over the entire surface of the diaper. Instantly absorb BB Kitty diapers are made using Japanese technology and contain Japanese ultra-absorbent – a 3D absorbent layer in the form of a gel that instantly absorbs. Not even 15 seconds pass as the liquid has already been absorbed. They don’t leak! Perhaps this is the most important advantage of our diapers. Thanks to the double cuffs, BB Kitty diapers last up to 12 hours, and these are not just words. To be convinced of this, you just need to try BB Kitty diapers in action at night. You don’t have to change your diaper in the middle of the night. Peaceful sleep until morning is provided for you and your baby. That is why our diapers are so loved by mothers. Beautiful packaging Well, the “icing on the cake” is a cute cat on the package. Well, who doesn’t love cats? Especially kids. They just don’t take their eyes off the cute faces on the packaging. Size range Let’s talk a little about BB Kitty diaper sizes. The assortment includes diapers and panty diapers of all sizes, for babies from 0 months. up to 3 years old. Newborn – diapers for newborns from 2 to 5 kg. S – for babies weighing from 4 to 8 kg. M – for children from 6 to 11 kg. L – for children from 9 to 14 kg. XL – for older children from 12 to 17 kg. XXL – for grown children weighing more than 15 kg. As well as panties M, L, XL, XXL, the weight category is the same as that of diapers. How to choose the size? Choosing diapers according to the weight of the baby is the golden rule, but you need to remember that there are a number of other factors that mothers should pay attention to: 1. Let’s continue about the dimensional grid No wonder the manufacturers came up with it, with the help of a dimensional grid, you can find out whether certain diapers are suitable for your baby, but even here there are rules: Choose the size according to the lower limit or the middle of the weight indicators, that is, if the size of 4-8 kg is written on the package, and your child already weighs 7 kg, then you definitely need to buy diapers one size larger. 2. Absorption Pediatricians have established hygienic norms for changing diapers during the day – 3 hours. It is this time that any diaper should withstand without leaks (during a night’s sleep – up to 12 hours, but it also depends on the individual characteristics of the child), and if in a short period of time the baby’s butt becomes wet, then this is a signal that it is time for you to move for the next size! 3. Footprints. Any mother knows that a diaper should not only absorb well and in no case leak, but also be comfortable for the baby! Therefore, if you notice red prints or scuffs on the legs, you need to urgently change diapers to a larger size. The skin of children is very delicate and sensitive, so any pressure causes great discomfort! The choice is yours! To summarize the above, there are quite a few different brands of diapers on the market. And it can be hard to choose. The main thing is that the diaper performs all its functions by 110% and the price is equal to the quality. This is exactly what BB Kitty guarantees to the buyer. And the choice is yours!

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