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We are a brand of educational toys Kiddiboom. Our products are designed to make your children’s childhood fun and interesting.

Standard kits for creativity may no longer be as interesting as they used to be. Therefore, if you are looking for a gift for boys and girls, we offer Kiddiboom Aqua Mosaic. This is a modern kind of art for children. Such sets for creativity are an entertaining process: the beads are laid out, the picture according to the scheme on a special stencil. In order to lay out the beads, a special pen or tweezers is used. The work is precise and captures the attention of the child. With Aquamosaic, children can create various figurines of their favorite characters, make key chains and pendants out of them.

Kiddiboom aquamosaic for boys, with stencils on topics of interest to them. Includes 30 parts for creating accessories, 3200+ beads, 24 colors. Article 26592289.

Aquamosaic Kiddiboom for girls, you can create princess figurines and cute key chains. Includes 28 Accessory Parts, 3600+ Beads, 24 Colors Art. No. 25326564

Your kids will love this set, create interesting crafts with Kiddiboom


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