For par­ents fac­ing for the first time both the expe­ri­ence of rais­ing chil­dren and house­hold chores, it can be a lot of stress.

And to make it eas­i­er for you and make clean­ing your house eas­i­er, we decid­ed to col­lect the best house­hold life hacks. They will help a young moth­er not to go crazy and not to plunge into the abyss of domes­tic fuss in such a dif­fi­cult and sig­nif­i­cant peri­od for every­one.


  1. When hang­ing washed items, straight­en out any folds. The more care­ful­ly the laun­dry is dried, the eas­i­er it is to iron it lat­er. If the thing is very wrin­kled, then shake it strong­ly sev­er­al times: the fibers will straight­en out and there will be no creas­es left. It is bet­ter to imme­di­ate­ly hang blous­es, shirts on hang­ers. Straight­en the col­lars, give the desired shape. The item will dry as need­ed and with­out iron­ing.

  2. Sort while iron­ing. Lay out the ironed things imme­di­ate­ly in piles, as you will lay them out on the shelves.

  3. Teach your chil­dren to put their clothes in the clos­et and not to put dirty linen there. Clear out their wardrobe. Get rid of every­thing unnec­es­sary.

Kids toys

  1. Sort all the toys into box­es and cat­e­gories: cars, books, large toys, edu­ca­tion­al.

  2. Clean things up reg­u­lar­ly. Get a big toy box. It will be easy to col­lect toys from the floor and from oth­er hor­i­zon­tal sur­faces. So you quick­ly bring the apart­ment to a decent look.

  3. Remove paints, felt-tip pens, pen­cils, plas­ticine in the clos­et. For cre­ative activ­i­ties, use oil­cloth. Clean­li­ness after class is per­fect.


  1. Clean your home every day for 30 min­utes. This will free up week­ends and devote them to the fam­i­ly.

  2. Scraps of paper and loose glit­ter can be removed with a clothes roller.

  3. A small plas­tic box with clean­ing prod­ucts is an indis­pens­able tool. Take it with you and it will save you from hav­ing to go from room to room for left­over deter­gents.

  4. Com­bine things. While brush­ing your teeth, you can wipe down the sink and bath­room mir­ror. While prepar­ing din­ner, you can have time to wash the dish­es.

  5. Don’t throw away your old tooth­brush­es. They will help you get to hard-to-reach places: var­i­ous cor­ners, recess­es, grooves in plumb­ing.

  6. Moist­en a cloth with fab­ric soft­en­er before dust­ing. So much less dust par­ti­cles will set­tle on the fur­ni­ture.

  7. Always leave an emp­ty sink before bed. Dirty dish­es in the sink in the morn­ing spoils the mood.

  8. The best way to keep order in an apart­ment with chil­dren is to spend as lit­tle time as pos­si­ble there. Try to go for a walk for at least two hours at least twice a day.

  9. Get a trash can. You put there all sorts of unnec­es­sary lit­tle things that usu­al­ly accu­mu­late on sur­faces and in cor­ners. And just put them in their places once a week.

  10. Get a fold­er with files for doc­u­ments. After spend­ing one evening and spread­ing all the doc­u­ments into one fold­er by files, you will not lose any­thing else. You will not rush about in search of the right paper at a cru­cial moment.


  1. Sim­pli­fy cook­ing through­out the week. A slow cook­er, a dou­ble boil­er, an oven, a stove with a timer cook almost by them­selves. What you can pre­pare, do with a mar­gin. Home­made soups, frozen and dried veg­eta­bles all save time.

  2. All in jars. Store spices, cere­als in spe­cial trans­par­ent con­tain­ers. So you can see the com­po­si­tion and expi­ra­tion date.

  3. Order gro­ceries at home. This saves a lot of time. And when the prod­ucts are brought in, write down the dish­es that you are going to cook from them, so that lat­er you don’t for­get any­thing in the depths of the freez­er.

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