Mom, play with me. Read to me before bed.

How often do we hear these phras­es from our chil­dren, but we are always busy, we have no time. Soon we will hear these words less and less. Take your time, kids grow up so fast.

Which of us in child­hood did not dream of becom­ing a brave trav­el­er, or a princess.

How many inter­est­ing things lurk in chil­dren’s dreams. Hav­ing matured, we for­get how it is to dream and sin­cere­ly plunge into the mag­i­cal world of fairy tales and dreams.

Our brains are so busy with the anx­i­eties and wor­ries of every­day life that we miss the most impor­tant thing. Life in the moment.

What hap­pi­ness that chil­dren give us the oppor­tu­ni­ty to return to child­hood and feel like a child again .. What a joy that now, we adults can give them a fairy tale. A dream, and this is price­less. Give your child mag­i­cal dreams, plunge head­long into fan­tasies at least for a while, because it is so impor­tant to be on the same wave­length with your chil­dren, child­hood pass­es like one moment.