If ordi­nary games with a child are already rather fed up and you want some­thing unusu­al, for exam­ple, just fool around and have a good time (while dis­tract­ing from prob­lems!), Then there is a solu­tion! We have made for you a selec­tion of kig­u­ru­mi, wear­ing which you will briefly plunge into a care­free child­hood with your child. It remains only to choose the right option!


These mag­i­cal crea­tures have been in fash­ion for a long time, and inter­est in them does not sub­side. Give your child a kig­u­ru­mi in the form of a uni­corn and wait for a mir­a­cle — you’ll see, your baby will be able to make a wish that will sure­ly come true. After all, a mag­i­cal uni­corn will help!


Love­ly giraffes, pan­das, rab­bits and dinosaurs will suit lovers of all these beau­ti­ful ani­mals. If your child is crazy about some ani­mal, then a kind of kig­u­ru­mi cos­tume will def­i­nite­ly please him.

For you and for the child

Spend­ing time with your child is fun! And if you still come up with an unusu­al game in the same cos­tumes, then we can say that the hol­i­day was a suc­cess.

Well? Let’s have fun?