The first of Sep­tem­ber is just around the cor­ner, note­books and text­books are ready, a new back­pack and a change bag are pleas­ing to the eye and the kid is eager to meet friends he hasn’t seen all sum­mer.

🧸 A lit­tle less time will be devot­ed to toys — after all, they dis­tract from home­work, just ask — play with me, why do you need these note­books! How­ev­er, if the silent ted­dy bear or the car does so, then Rac­coon will do the oppo­site — help the baby

📚First­ly, the child’s dai­ly rou­tine will change, espe­cial­ly if we are talk­ing about a first grad­er, which means you need to con­stant­ly be remind­ed of every­thing — eat, wash your hands or sit down for lessons!

💭Sec­ond­ly, the lessons them­selves. The eas­i­est way to learn a rhyme is by repeat­ing it, and ide­al­ly, when some­one repeats it to you. Mom and dad can get tired after 5 times, and it’s nec­es­sary to spin around the house, so, teach, son, and we went

⛔️Third­ly — the more you pro­hib­it, the more the child will want, this is nor­mal. There­fore, it is bet­ter to make an assis­tant out of an unat­tain­able toy, thus killing two birds with one stone.