Every moth­er is well aware of how many dan­gers an apart­ment is fraught with for her crumbs. While the baby spends most of his wake­ful­ness in the crib or playpen, the moth­er’s soul is in place. Noth­ing threat­ens him. But time goes by, the baby grows old­er and becomes unstop­pable in his desire to know the world.

At this moment, those very fun­ny pho­tographs and pic­tures with inscrip­tions like “if your child is qui­et for 5 min­utes, this is a seri­ous rea­son for pan­ic” begin to be drawn in the thoughts of the moth­er. As a rar­i­ty, moth­ers did not find a pic­ture in the kitchen: a child who sees on the floor scat­tered all the cere­als on the floor and mix­es them cheer­ful­ly. Trust me, it’s even bet­ter.

Home for a baby is a lot of dan­gers. Small, sharp, dan­ger­ous objects, liq­uids are hid­den from the child. Our moth­ers and grand­moth­ers, in order to pro­tect the baby’s access to cab­i­nets, tied the han­dles with an elas­tic band or cord. Nowa­days there is a more ele­gant solu­tion to the prob­lem.

Child­proof locks have become a real find.

Among the advan­tages I would like to note:

Ease of use and care. It is enough to find the object of appli­ca­tion (cab­i­net doors, chest of draw­ers, microwave oven lid, refrig­er­a­tor door) and place locks on their sur­face. The door is blocked, the child will not be able to open it.

The mate­r­i­al of the prod­uct is plas­tic, which does not require spe­cial care, it is enough to wipe the prod­uct with a damp cloth.

Ease of instal­la­tion. The block­er is attached to any sur­face (glass, plas­tic, wood) using dou­ble-sided tape, which is already placed on the lock.

Con­nect the parts (close the lock) and, assem­bled, glue on the pre­pared (degreased) sur­face. If nec­es­sary, the fur­ni­ture lock is also eas­i­ly dis­man­tled.

For an inquis­i­tive baby, this peri­od of life is extreme­ly impor­tant — he needs to tac­tile­ly get to know the world, but for par­ents, the peri­od is some­what tense.

The child lock block­er per­fect­ly copes with the duty assigned to it, with­out vio­lat­ing the inte­ri­or, with­out restrict­ing the use of house­hold items of fur­ni­ture.

Does a young explor­er live in your house? Share the fun­ni­est sto­ries of child­hood pranks in clos­ets.