The modern world is gradually beginning to move away from the problem of overconsumption. It cannot be said that people began to save more, but they definitely began to think about reducing the number of purchases that are not included in their basic needs. How many new clothes do your kids have that they grew out of faster than you could take the tag off? The same can be said about toys and various electronics (from bath thermometers to breast pumps) – for sure, in your house there are many things in excellent working condition that you cannot throw away.

“Decluttering” allows you to solve this problem: you select unnecessary, but good things and, with a calm soul, get rid of them in various effective (and most importantly, useful!) Ways. We just found out where you can put everything that you and your children did not need, but is still in good condition.

Help friends

Perhaps, if you want things and equipment to really come to the court, there is nothing better than giving them to relatives or friends. This practice has been popular for a long time, and things often wander from one person to another.

This is convenient: the baby grows up without having time to wear any set of bodysuits or suits, but for acquaintances who have recently had a replenishment in the family, things will come in handy. And they did a good deed, and packages with things no longer take up space at home.

You can donate things to those in need by simply posting an ad on thematic forums, in local chat rooms and groups. For example, many who wish will sort out clothes, things and equipment on the Daru Dar portal. And at such freemarkets, you can not only give away a thing, but also exchange it for something else.

Another option for unclaimed toys in good condition, or toys that your child has lost interest in, is to take them to the nearest preschool, where children will be happy with a large selection. True, first this point should be discussed with the head or educators.


If things are really new and unnecessary, but you don’t want to give them away for free, then the ideal option is to sell to the target audience. Where to find it? On special platforms, online bulletin boards, social networks (in groups like “Flea market of the city of N” or “I will sell/exchange in the city of N”).

However, not all children’s clothes, even new ones, are bought willingly. Outerwear is in the greatest demand: overalls of quality brands, trousers, jackets, winter sets, sets for discharge, as well as shoes. Equipment for children and mothers is selling well: various sterilizers for bottles, baby monitors, smart bracelets, scales, nightlights, air humidifiers.


Many churches or temples have special help points where containers are installed. They collect things for the needy: low-income families, the homeless, mothers with many children who find themselves in a difficult situation, victims of fire. Sometimes the church “patronizes” some shelter or social center – it is there that things, equipment and toys are often transferred.


It happens that even new children’s things are dead weight, although they have lost their relevance a long time ago. What to do with them? Can be recycled!

This can be done, for example, in any H&M store by simply placing the item in a container at the checkout. For this, they will even give a bonus – a coupon for a 15% discount. The same actions can be done in Monki stores, for the return of things the store will give a coupon with a 10% discount.

Charitable projects, organizations and foundations

If you want things to go to a good cause and fall into the right hands, the best option is to donate them to charities. A lot of funds and projects are engaged in collecting things, they sort things and organize their further distribution.

Such organizations can be found in all cities. Before handing over things, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the list of rules on the official website of the fund. Things can be accepted and used, but exceptionally clean and without damage, and someone accepts only new ones. We found good funds in different cities:

1. Social business project “Good things” (Moscow)

In Moscow, you can find many points for receiving things from the social project Good Things. All things are first collected and then sold: the proceeds go to charity. Reports on where finances go can be viewed on the official website of the organization. And if there is no time to look for a collection point, then you can even call a courier to your house!

2. Charitable Foundation “Parents’ House” (St. Petersburg)

The Foundation works in the interests of children and mothers who find themselves in a difficult situation. Therefore, the organization is always happy to accept clean children’s and adult things, shoes, strollers, cribs, disposable baby hygiene products (for example, diapers and diapers), as well as books in good condition.

3. Center for Humanitarian Assistance to the Population (Yekaterinburg)

The wards of the center are people who find themselves in a difficult situation: victims of fire, the poor or refugees. Among them, of course, there may be children, so the Center accepts things, equipment and toys very willingly. Everything received is sorted, and something is even repaired and cleaned. The good things are then sent to those in need. And some of the stuff is up for sale. The Center donates the proceeds to charity.

4. Interregional public organization “Aistenok” (Yekaterinburg)

The organization helps children and families in difficult life situations. “Aistenok” accepts not only children’s things and toys, but also stationery, diapers, toys and food for babies with a valid expiration date. There is only one condition: everything must be clean and in good condition.

5. Charitable warehouse “Good hands” (Kazan)

Warehouse is a centralized point of reception and storage of property. Subsequently, everything handed over here is carefully sorted and distributed among low-income families, large families, victims of fires and other people from vulnerable segments of the population.

6. Children’s Charitable Foundation “Solar City” (Novosibirsk)

If you have toys, children’s clothes, shoes, as well as appliances in good condition that you want to donate to good hands, then this can be done at the Sunny City Foundation. From here, things go to the social warehouse, and the needy come to the warehouse itself, who just do not have enough of what they need.

7. Serafima Charitable Foundation (Nizhny Novgorod)

The Fund helps orphanages, boarding schools, victims of fire not only with things, but also with toys and household items. They can also accept equipment, but everything must be clean and serviceable.

8. Charitable organization “Common Children” (Voronezh)

The organization accepts clothes for children of all ages: things are distributed among children-refuseniks and children from crisis families. All items, including toys and books, must be clean and in working order. From the wishes – to distribute clothes of different categories into separate packages or bags (for example, each pair of shoes in individual boxes).

9. Charitable Foundation “I am without a mother” (Rostov-on-Don)

The Fund willingly accepts both new, but unnecessary, and used items in good condition. The received clothes, equipment and toys are subsequently sent to children from crisis families and refuseniks.

Rehabilitation centers and social shelters

Another option for adding good things is rehabilitation and social centers. In many of them, people regularly replace each other, which means that the flow of those in need does not stop.

In some centers, they help women left with children without a roof over their heads, in others – to migrant families, in others – to refugees from different countries, in the fourth – to people in a crisis situation.

Where can you donate things in different cities?

1. House of Mercy named after Lisa Glinka (Moscow)

A unique project by Elizaveta Glinka, known as Doctor Liza, the founder of the Fair Help charity foundation. The House of Mercy is a place where wounded and seriously ill children and adults in need of emergency medical care can find shelter. These are refugee children, migrants affected by man-made and natural disasters. And, of course, the center always needs help in the form of clean children’s clothing for the season, shoes, toys, books for children of different ages.

2. Center for Assistance to Families and Children (St. Petersburg)

This center accepts things to help pregnant women, as well as clothes and serviceable toys for children from birth to 12 years old.

3. Center for social assistance to families and children “Maria” (Rostov)

The Rostov Center provides assistance to families in difficult life situations and people who have experienced domestic violence or found themselves in other unfavorable circumstances. It accepts things for children of all ages, books in good condition, as well as serviceable equipment (including household appliances, gadgets and electronic toys).

4. Center for Mutual Social Assistance “Community” (Kaliningrad)

The priority of the “Complicity” center is to help families with children who find themselves in a difficult life situation at the stage of a dangerous social situation. The center regularly requires adult and children’s things in a clean condition, as well as toys, stationery, books – the center’s staff welcomes all those who are not indifferent.

5. Republican resource center “Family” (Ufa)

In the local branches of the “Family” center, children’s and adult clothes and shoes are accepted in a special Bank of Things (reception point). Everything received from caring people is sorted and transferred to the poor, large families in dire need of social support. The main condition is that things must be usable and clean.

But what about orphanages?

It would be logical to assume that it would be better to immediately take good clean things and toys to orphanages. However, as practice shows, this is a bad idea, and here’s why.

Orphanages are reluctant to accept not only used clean things, but even new ones. This is connected, firstly, with hygiene, and secondly, with the peculiarity of the social situation of orphanages.

Each orphanage usually has a sponsor (at least in large cities), and not just one. Children are regularly given new things and toys, goodies and even appliances. In addition, a lot of money is allocated for the maintenance of orphanages, contrary to rumors and myths. So do kids need used items? No, they are not needed: they lack attention, warmth and care, and not twenty trousers in a month.

Of course, there are exceptions here too: in small towns there are still badly needed orphanages. Before you donate things there, it is advisable to find out more about them, read reviews and, possibly, go on a tour.

And if there really is a desire to help the orphanage, then it is best to do this through charitable foundations, projects and similar organizations. They directly interact with specific orphanages and know how to make sure that your help reaches the addressee. A great example of such a fund is “Volunteers to help orphans” under the leadership of Elena Alshanskaya.