🙇‍♀️You have a ritual, but the child does not sleep. What to do?

💁🏼‍♀️Understand that good sleep is a system. Fixing one thing does not mean “improving sleep”. It is necessary to systematically work on all the reasons that can spoil sleep.

You will not see serious results in 1-2 days. The process of working on sleep is quite long. Requires perseverance, patience and consistency.

😉 Keep the formula for good sleep. Only the order in all these points will allow you to enjoy a good sleep.

1. Realistic expectations for a child’s sleep, depending on:

🔹 age

🔹 stages of development

🔹 new skills

🔹 health conditions

🔹 development leaps

🔹 mom’s well-being and mood

🔹 temperament features

So, for example, we cannot expect a restful and long night’s sleep without feeding from babies in the first months of life. Absence of awakenings during teething or mastering the skill of coups. Rapid falling asleep at night with colic. And so on.

2. Environment: temperature, humidity, silence, darkness, a well-equipped place to sleep

☝️ Hot, dry, night light – all these are the reasons for frequent awakenings

3. Physical discomfort: teeth, tummy, dermatitis, full diaper, cold or hot, hunger, thirst

4. Daily routine: the rate of sleep per day, the time of wakefulness, the absence of both overindulgence and overexcitation, and not enough time, the ratio of daytime and nighttime sleep, is there any accumulated lack of sleep.

5. Getting ready for bed. Does the child have time to calm down and relax before going to bed?

6. Association for falling asleep. What exactly do you need to do to make the child fall asleep? Do you have to repeat them every time to fall asleep.

7. Mom’s mood. Children reflect the state of adults. Anxiety, fears, irritation – all this can cause problems with sleep.

😉Where are your mistakes, you already know❓

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