Most toddlers love to fiddle with crayons, paints, plasticine, and colored paper from a very young age. The variety of colors and materials will delight children. Observing the child’s interest in creative activities, parents often think that it is enough to buy everything necessary for drawing, modeling, and appliqué in order to develop the child’s creative abilities.

However, interest in these activities can quickly disappear, as it is difficult for the baby to master the necessary techniques to create a finished work of art on his own. Adults should help him with this! You can start mastering creative activities as early as a year.

As a rule, kids are delighted with creating their own drawing, appliqué or plasticine figurine. The first application is best done on a sheet pre-lubricated with glue. The kid can tear off pieces of colored paper of arbitrary shape and stick them on a sheet. In order to introduce the child to different materials and develop fine motor skills of the hands, it is also necessary to use velvet, corrugated paper, cotton wool, fabric and other materials. The result is a very unusual application! The ART BOX KIDS set contains all the materials and techniques that will help the kid to immerse himself in creativity with interest.


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