Nowadays, parents, according to statistics, devote 20-30% of their time to the development of their children. We, parents, work and also want to relax, meet friends, go in for sports … So what method to choose in order to work with your child as efficiently as possible?

One of the most popular and time-tested techniques is a lesson with developing cards. With their help, your baby at a very early age will be able to recognize various animals and birds, distinguish between plants, colors, geometric shapes, weather phenomena, and at the age of three he will learn the first English words. This is quite achievable – you only need parental desire.

You don’t have to wait until your baby is big. If your baby has already learned to focus on one object for a few seconds (at 6 months old he already knows how to do this) – then it’s time to start showing him the cards and calling out what is shown on them. Repeat the exercises daily. Children are interested in looking at pictures and he will join the classes. After a while, the baby will begin to react to the images and smile – that means he remembers them! It is important that the cards must be white and show only one object or animal, without distracting details. This is necessary so that the child does not distract from the perception of the picture. It is also important that the images on the cards are photographs, not sketchy drawings – the child needs to immediately see how the objects look in life.

When the baby remembers the images and becomes older, you can lay out the cards in front of him and ask him to name a certain item or, looking at the card, ask him to show this item in the apartment. Then start talking more about what is on the card. For example, “this is an elephant, he is big, gray and he has a trunk.” And then start playing. There are many games with cards. For example, in edible-inedible, a guessing game, ask to show cards of the same color – and so on.

Thus, along with memory, the baby will begin to develop attention, logical thinking, a rich vocabulary will be formed, he will learn how to do simple mathematical calculations. Remember that by engaging with a child from an early age, you will make the learning process an enjoyable game for him, which will positively affect his development and future studies.

The Meshcheryakov Publishing House has developed sets of cards, taking into account the age characteristics of children, according to the recommendations of kindergarten methodologists. The program is designed to prepare the child in advance for the first year of schooling. From 6 months to 3 years old, kids are suitable for cards focused on the development of speech and knowledge of the world around them (animals, natural objects, natural phenomena, fruits and vegetables, etc.). From the age of 2, you can already give more difficult tasks and deal with a set of cards aimed at studying the varieties of animals (domestic and wild, animals of hot and cold countries). At the age of 3, start learning English words, and from the age of 4, work on the development of logic and counting.

Each set contains a set of 62-70 double-sided cards. All cards are printed on white thick cardboard and contain high-quality photographs of objects – in strict accordance with the recommendations of methodologists.

We wish you that your baby was the best!


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