Every day we read reviews of moms about Mum’s Era wraps, they write: “The sling saved my back!”, “My son and I are very happy”, “Now, finally, I have time to have a normal breakfast and not worry that the baby will be naughty – he is not naughty in a sling.” But it seemed to us that short reviews were not enough. We asked one of the customers to write a detailed article about her experience with the Mum’s Era sling. Below is what she wrote.

The most popular question from passers-by who meet us with my son in a sling: “What kind of device is this?”.⠀

My name is Julia, I am 29 years old, my eldest son is 5 years old, and my youngest is 3 months old. I am an experienced sling mom because I wear in a sling scarf already the second son!

There are mothers who doubt, there are those who do not know about such ergonomic carriers, and my love for slings began even before pregnancy. In our city there is a dance group in which slingomams dance right with the kids!⠀

When I first saw them at one of the city events, my delight knew no bounds! I began to wonder what kind of “scarves” these were, and by the time my son was born I was fully armed: I studied the medical view of babywearing, bought a sling scarf and learned several windings!⠀

I found for myself in wearing sling scarf a huge number of advantages:

– the baby hears his mother’s heart, feels warm, is calm next to his mother;
– mom’s hands are free for household chores;
– mobility. It is not always convenient to take a stroller with you, you will not go into a minibus.
– the child’s need to “sit on the handles” is satisfied;
– prevention of hip dysplasia.

By the way, we also ended up in a dance group and performed with our eldest son in slings and ergo backpacks at all city events for more than one year!

Of course, when I walk down the street and carry my son in a sling, young mothers and new grandmothers often come up to me. Interested. I am happy to tell and always recommend Mum’s Era slings. It’s nice to share experience and know that the products of this company greatly facilitate the life of mother and baby.

What I liked about this carrier (I bought this one knitted sling scarf): soft fabric of medium density, gives good support to the baby, does not sag. The length of the sling is 5 meters, this is the ideal size for a comfortable winding. In the kit, they sent a magazine with the rules for wearing a sling, step-by-step instructions, everything is very clear and accessible. ⠀

And I’m glad that now babywearing is becoming more and more popular, more and more mothers want buy a sling, understanding what kind of help it is both on a walk and at home. And what a pleasure it is to carry your baby!


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