The Russian winter in the middle lane is unpredictable – in January the snow cover may melt and it may rain, or vice versa in late March – early April blizzards are circling, cold is returning, and the amount of snow that has fallen is breaking records. The Arctic Kids brand jacket is suitable for wearing at temperatures from -5 to -25 degrees – the child will be comfortable and warm in both cool and cold weather.


The upper side of the jacket is made of Prekson membrane fabric coated with thermoplastic polyurethane. Such material:
perfectly removes excess moisture from the body;
prevents getting wet, protecting from snow and rain;
does not allow wind and cold air to penetrate;
does not wrinkle and holds its shape well due to the dense textured surface.

The inside of the product is made of light and durable lining fabric Taffeta Termo. The use of a special heat-regulating technology allowed Taffeta Termo to efficiently reflect heat from the body and keep it inside the clothes.

The jacket is insulated with Thinsulein, a light, thin and warm modern material. Tinsuleyn does not hinder movements, does not deform when washed and dries quickly. Insulation density 200g/sq.m. suitable for comfortable wear up to -25 degrees outside the window.


The jacket is made in a free cut. If necessary, you can tighten the drawstring in the waistband, thereby providing a tighter fit to the body.
On the front side there are 4 small pockets with fleece lining: the lower ones are zipped, the upper ones are without.
The slightly elongated hem at the back and the slit in the middle do not restrict the movement of the child.
The width of the sleeves can be adjusted with a special textile fastener – Velcro.
The capacious hood has a convenient drawstring on the latch – in case of strong wind or a blizzard, it can be easily tightened.
The jacket is fastened with a strong zipper, the color of which can be either one-color or two-color (depending on the model). An internal windproof strip runs along the zipper.
A special valve is sewn onto the collar – when fastening, the zipper slider will not pinch the skin on the chin. For ease of unfastening, plastic pullers are attached to all clasps.
The model is available in a single color.
A decorative patch adorns the sleeve, and a reflective stripe runs down the back.

In the Arctic kids jacket, the child will be happy to spend time on walks in the winter, despite the sudden changes in the weather. Do not forget that comfort is affected not only by outerwear, but also by underwear – thermal clothing, fleece sets. The Arctic kids range will allow parents to easily find the right, high-quality and comfortable clothes for children.


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