Digitalization has divided our world into before and after. Today, you can find any information in seconds, but this does not encourage children to look for something useful and educational. Parents are sounding the alarm about their children’s love of entertainment – a large part of the blame for this lies with gadgets.

However, some devices can help the child develop and learn new things. Let’s talk about the smart speaker “Capsule” from Mail.ru Group with a virtual voice assistant Marusya. About what the Capsule can do – in today’s review.

Capsule expands horizons

Teachers are aware of the benefits of learning languages ​​through games. Marusya too. If you tell her: “Marusya, let’s learn English words” – an entertaining game will begin that will help the child replenish his vocabulary of foreign words.

Marusya also knows how to tell interesting facts and answer questions. She will tell you what holidays are celebrated today, name any capital, find sights of different countries and cities.

  • Marusya, tell me an interesting fact
  • Sights of Prague
  • What holiday is today
  • Who is Peter the Great
  • Capital of Italy

The capsule can work with numbers and convert values

Marusya knows the multiplication table, knows how to extract the root, calculate percentages and perform mathematical operations – multiply, divide, add and subtract several numbers in a row. It also converts currencies, mass, distance, time, speed, temperature.

  • Marusya, help me learn the multiplication table
  • Multiply 118 by 978
  • The square root of 361
  • Forty percent of 1000
  • Divide 648 by 36
  • Eight to the fourth power
  • How many kilometers in a mile
  • 25 degrees Celsius Fahrenheit
  • 10 dollars to rubles
  • 8 years is how many seconds

The capsule will launch audiobooks and poems

On board the column are hundreds of books and poems. When a child does not want to read, especially such a boring school curriculum for him, Marusya will come to the rescue. To get access to the entire media library, you need to log in to VKontakte once (if you don’t have an account on the social network, you can instantly create it using your phone number), and then say:

  • Marusya, turn on Green’s “Scarlet Sails”
  • Put Tyutchev’s poem “Winter is angry for a reason”
  • Stage Lermontov’s “Borodino”
  • Turn on “Ionych” Chekhov
  • Play Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Poems and books are voiced by famous artists. A child will develop a good taste from childhood, and classic books will not seem boring. As a bonus from the manufacturer, you will receive free 6-month access to all audio content of the social network: music, books, fairy tales, and poetry.

Capsule Capsule

Capsule helps to relax and set the mood

The speaker has dozens of background noises and music selections that will help calm the child, prepare him for sleep, create an atmosphere for learning or a festive mood. Here is some of them:

  • The noise of waves, forests, summer meadows
  • Cat purring, birds singing
  • Music for sleep, concentration

The capsule is not harmful to health

A computer or smartphone spoils eyesight and posture, provokes pain in the joints and accustoms to a sedentary lifestyle. This is not the case with Capsule. The child can remain active and go about their business while the Capsule shares interesting facts, puts on popular tracks or just chats – for this she needs to say: “Marusya, let’s chat.”

The capsule will launch music from a tablet, smartphone, laptop, including tracks from subscriptions to music services. To do this, you don’t even need to log in to VKontakte, just connect the speaker to the device via Bluetooth. After connecting, it will be possible to control the tracks by voice. Favorite music will make cleaning the room more pleasant and help the child relax after doing homework.

A younger child will like fairy tales – there are also a lot of them in the Capsule. A separate pride of the manufacturer is interactive fairy tales. Marusya sends you a fairy tale to your phone, you read it to your child, and the speaker accompanies the reading with fabulous sounds. You can start with the command “Marusya, turn on the interactive fairy tale.”


The capsule dispels the myth that gadgets are harmful. The column helps to expand the horizons of the child and make learning more fun. She knows how to entertain, but unlike a smartphone or computer, it does not harm health.

We are glad that you have read our article. We have a gift for you – a 5% discount on the Capsule. To receive the discount, create or log in to your Wildberries profile.


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