Any puzzles have a beneficial effect on the overall development of the child. The tactile contact of small fingers and details is an excellent fine motor training, which is directly related to human brain activity. How to choose the perfect first puzzle for a baby? First of all, pay attention to the size of the parts. The larger they are, the better your child’s first experience with the fascinating world of puzzles will be! It is also very cool if your kid will collect puzzles from a different number of elements – from smaller to larger. This will gradually complicate the task and train the speed of thinking.

We offer you to pay attention to our new large collection of puzzles for the little ones with your favorite characters from the cartoon “Trees”! Bright pictures with good stories will really please the baby! In each set we have included puzzles of 9, 16 and 25 elements for the most exciting games!

Advice to parents: for the maximum effect of classes, ask the child to tell what is shown in the picture. Name all the familiar characters, invent small stories about them. Ready-made pictures will be an excellent decoration for the children’s room, the assembly process will give the baby a lot of positive emotions!


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