Many face dif­fi­cul­ties when choos­ing toys for chil­dren. Nowa­days, there are a huge num­ber of chil­dren’s stores, and even more toys in them. This makes it very dif­fi­cult to find the right one that will meet your require­ments. After all, you want to buy one that your child will like at first sight, will inter­est and bring great ben­e­fits to your child. And if, thanks to this toy, you can teach atten­tion, per­se­ver­ance, log­ic, think­ing and count­ing in a play­ful way, it will be just per­fect!

We decid­ed to help you in this dif­fi­cult vari­ety of toys to choose from. After all, the devel­op­ment of preschool­ers is the main invest­ment in their future. Our toy is rec­om­mend­ed as edu­ca­tion­al toys from 3 years old, and even ear­li­er from 1 year old, of course, under the super­vi­sion of adults, and up to any age depends on the char­ac­ter­is­tics of the chil­dren’s char­ac­ter. The man­u­al allows you to explore work with the inclu­sion of sig­nif­i­cant areas of devel­op­ment in chil­dren: sen­so­ry, motor, speech, men­tal, emo­tion­al, which is increas­ing­ly com­mon in the over­all devel­op­ment of the child.

The col­or box con­tains tweez­ers, flower-shaped plas­tic cups and wood­en mini-pyra­mids adapt­ed to the game exam­ples. The kid per­forms tasks with his moth­er from the instruc­tions, col­lects mini-pyra­mids in cups of his own col­or, pro­nounc­ing and mem­o­riz­ing col­ors along the way.

With the help of tweez­ers, the baby trains fine motor skills and learns to use rough tools, both with his right and left hand.

Tasks are achieved from sim­ple to com­plex, for starters, the baby gets acquaint­ed with all objects: eval­u­ates col­or, shape, size; fur­ther, the child is offered games accord­ing to the rules, or you can invent your own games. Devel­op with plea­sure!

It is pos­si­ble to use cups for bathing in the bath­room, for freez­ing ice, and also for play­ing in the sandbox.Make a sig­nif­i­cant con­tri­bu­tion to the devel­op­ment of your child — pay atten­tion to our brand “MIA Iri­na”.

Choose for your beloved child the best toys for ear­ly devel­op­ment in our store: a sorter with tweez­ers and a num­ber bal­ancer.