The choice of children’s underwear is a very responsible task. Only high-quality products will be comfortable and safe for the child. What should you pay attention to when choosing:

  • Material. It is worth giving preference only to natural materials, such as cotton. It is safe and hypoallergenic, allows the skin to breathe, pass air and easily evaporate sweat.
  • Fabric Density. Products should be soft and pleasant to the touch, easily take the shape of the body and not squeeze the skin. But very thin fabric is short-lived and impractical.
  • Seam quality. There should be no protruding threads, unfinished seams and other defects on panties and a T-shirt. The elastic should not press at the waist.
  • The size. Underwear can not be bought for growth. Any deviation from the actual size can lead to discomfort during wearing.
  • Colors. It is selected individually based on the preferences of the child. It is better to choose light colors, since non-aggressive dyes are used for such products.
  • Design. The presence of ruffles, bows and other decorative elements creates a great design, but can cause irritation on the skin. The most important thing is that the underwear is comfortable.
  • Style. The cut of underwear for boys and girls is somewhat different due to physiological characteristics. For boys, boxers, shorts and regular swimming trunks are available. For girls – shorts or swimming trunks. When choosing a style, it is worth considering the desire of the child, since the degree of comfort for each is individual.

underwear TM “BAYKAR” Made of high quality cotton, dense, soft and delicate. By production caustic dyes are not used.

Linen is elastic, free cut.

Flat seams will not cause your baby any discomfort.

Another advantage is the absence of sewn-on tags rubbing delicate baby skin. Sizes and care instructions are printed on the fabric.

Children’s underwear TM “BAYKAR” – a guarantee of quality and comfort for your children. TM “BAYKAR” creates modern and trendy collections for boys and girls. Regularly replenishes its range of products, improves the quality of manufacturing technologies! Thereby TM “BAYKAR” quickly won the trust and recognition of consumers!