Games with parents are necessary for the baby for its harmonious development. They cause a lot of positive emotions, establish a connection between the child and parents, help the baby develop. In our article, games for children of the first year of life are proposed, which have passed the test of time, in accordance with their age.

What to play for a child up to a year


Games with a 1 month old baby

At the age of one month, a newborn does not need more toys. It is important for him to have a mother who satisfies his needs in a timely manner. She feeds and comforts. A baby at this age is a blank slate. Therefore, any manipulations with it will stimulate its development. At the age of one month, it is important to carry the child in a “column” so that he sees the world around him.

  1. The newborn cannot yet clearly see the toys, but is already able to focus his eyes for a few seconds. Therefore, in the first month of life, the most important thing for him is focusing on his face. When talking to a baby, use different facial expressions.

  2. At this age, the newborn sees everything in halftones. Take a black and white toy, like a zebra, and move it in different directions. Keep the toy at a distance of 30 cm from the child.

  3. Talk as you approach the baby, while changing your intonation. Quiet words lull the baby, loud, on the contrary, make them cheer up.

  4. Help develop children’s hearing. Often call the baby by name from different parts of the room. Thus, the newborn tracks the sound.

  5. Babies have developed a sense of touch, mother’s hands give him confidence. Therefore, mom is recommended to massage the baby more often.

Games with a 2 month old baby

At 2 months, the child’s neonatal period ends, a complex of liveliness appears. He is already able to focus his eyes for a minute, trying to turn his head for the sound.

  1. Vision training. At a distance of 40 cm from the baby’s face, we hang a red toy, slowly drive it to the right and left. This teaches the baby to follow the subject.

  2. Ring a bell, a rattle in different directions from the child. This is how his hearing develops.

  3. To improve the sense of touch, stroke the child’s fingers with different materials: knitwear, fur, silk, viscous.

  4. It’s time to hang up the mobile. Thus, the baby learns to focus his eyes for a longer time and at the same time follow the sound of the toy.

  5. When interacting with the baby, use different nursery rhymes.

  6. Smile. Approaching the crib, smile at the baby, ask him how he knows how to smile. After a short time, the baby will smile back at you.

Pediatricians recommend in the second month of a baby’s life to start swimming in the bathroom, performing a simple exercise – the “eight”.

Games with a 3 month old baby

What to play for a child up to a year


The baby is progressing rapidly. At 3 months, he already confidently holds his head, is able to hold a small object in his hands, begins to walk, observe his body parts. Educational games for this age:

  1. Fitball. The child is placed on the ball, they begin to gently rock from side to side. This lesson helps to strengthen the baby’s muscles, develop orientation in space.

  2. Take a toy. Place the baby on your tummy. Offer the baby two or three toys within his reach. When he makes a move towards the toys, put your palm under your feet. After the child feels the support, he will start to push off. Let the baby take the toy, hold it in his hands, interact with it.

  3. We listen to music. Turn your baby on different music. It can be classics, and children’s songs, and rhythmic melodies. Make movements with the child to the beat of the music, swing it, clap your hands.

  4. Rubber bell. Take an elastic band, sew a bell to it. Put this “bracelet” on your hands and feet. When the baby begins to move the limbs, the bells will sound in time with them. The child will hear the ringing, will determine its direction.

Classes with a mobile phone, nursery rhymes, massage, bathing in the bathroom will still be relevant.

Games with a 4 month old baby

Developing activities with a 4-month-old baby:

  1. Talk. Lean over the baby, repeat short nursery rhymes, rhymes with a distinct sound of vowel sounds. After a while, the baby will begin to “talk”, “walk” with you.

  2. Put diversified toys in the palm of your babyand. After the kid has studied the item, pick it up, offer the next one. These manipulations allow you to prepare a child’s hand for cutlery.

  3. Attach a mirror to the sides of the crib at a distance of 30 cm from the child’s face.. He will look at his reflection with great interest.

  4. It’s time to start playing hide and seek. Parents cover their faces with their hands, then appear with the exclamation of “Coo-coo.” You can hide a toy or a pet, while saying “Where is the dog hiding?” “That’s where the dog is.”

  5. Pay attention to thatthat close people come into the room. Ask: “Who came to us?”. At this age, the baby already distinguishes people and reacts to them.

It’s time to get the first books with bright pictures. It is better to give preference not to paper books, but to soft ones.

Games with a 5 month old baby

At the age of five months, the child gets tired of lying down. He starts to sit up, crawl. It is important to encourage such activity. Classes with children become more complicated, become longer.

  1. You can connect different balls. Fabric balls are used to develop grasping, pimply balls – fine motor skills, with a bell – hearing.

  2. “Coo-coo”. A favorite pastime for kids at this age is to look for a hidden mother, who now can not only hide behind her hands, but also cover herself with a scarf, take cover behind the bed. It is advisable to hide in different places. Thus, the crumbs develop attention, emotions.

  3. Jumping. Children at 5 months love to stand on their feet with the support of adults. Hold the baby, let him jump, while saying nursery rhymes and rhymes.

  4. Offer bright books with large pictures of animals, objects familiar to the baby. It’s time to look at the pictures, name the body parts of animals, people. “It’s a nose.” “These are ears.” “It’s eyes.” Simultaneously with the picture, show the same parts of the body on the child’s face.

  5. Sew various buttons, buttons, locks, laces, beads to a dense fabric. Let the baby interact with them.

Talk more with the baby, tell him about the objects around him. Thus, his vocabulary expands, he will begin to hum more, repeat syllables, unconsciously folding them into words, “mom”, “dad”.

Games with a 6 month old baby

What to play for a child up to a year


Many children sit at six months, which significantly expands their horizons. They strive to explore all nearby objects. Games with a baby at 6 months:

  1. “Okay”. Parents say a simple rhyme while clapping their hands. The kid tries to repeat after them.

  2. “Secret Bag”. In a small bag, mom puts simple items, balls, cones, dolls. Anything, as long as the baby could not swallow them. The child puts his hand into the bag, takes out an object from there, the mother calls it clearly, in syllables.

  3. Shoulder riding. If the child sits confidently, then his father can roll him on his shoulders, which significantly increases the children’s horizon.

  4. Finger gymnastics. Start with a massage of the fingers, palms. Then use simple nursery rhymes, for example, the well-known “Magpie-Crow”.

  5. let’s talk. Start a conversation with the baby by pronouncing individual syllables, “ga”, “gu”, “ma”, “mu”, “ba”. Usually children are actively included in the “conversation”. These games develop their hearing, improve conversational functions.

At the age of six months, a baby can purchase multifunctional mats with various objects, a mirror, pockets, sounds, opening windows.

Games with a 7 month old baby

The most popular type of activity with babies at 7 months is finger games. Mom pronounces rhymes and alternately bends the fingers of the crumbs. At this age, children can be occupied as follows:

  1. “Show item”. Ask the baby to name an object that is nearby. “Show the ball”, “show the cat”. If the baby is difficult at first, then take a short pause and show the subject yourself. Gradually increase the pauses, the baby will show the named object himself.

  2. Prepare bags with different seeds and cereals. Invite the child to consider them, shake, throw. Make sure the bags are tightly tied.

  3. Squeaking hammer. It is a useful toy for coordination of movements.

  4. Drum. Tap the sticks with different intensity, this develops the child’s ear for music.

Offer kids books with different inserts, buttons. They not only captivate the child for a long period, but also develop his fine motor skills.

Games with a baby at 8 months

An eight-month-old baby is quite mobile and inquisitive. It should not be kept in the crib, and it is difficult to do this. You can engage a child at this age with the following games:

  1. Woof, meow, moo“. At this age, children are attracted to different animals. Mom asks the child: “How does the dog bark?”, After which she answers herself and asks the baby to repeat.

  2. Item Bottle. Pour different cereals, water into small plastic bottles. The child turns the bottle over, shakes it. Thus, he develops hearing, vision.

  3. Stimulation to crawl. A bright toy is first placed within the child’s reach. After he gets it, they move it a little further away, thus stimulating him to crawl. At the end of the game, let the baby take possession of the toy.

  4. Putting and taking items out of the box. Put different objects in a box, invite the baby to take them out himself, while calling the objects themselves and their signs aloud: “red apple”, “blue car”.

Do not leave children alone with games, do it yourself. Thus, they develop social skills.

Games with a child at 9 months

What to play for a child up to a year


At 9 months, children begin to master the upright position. It is useful to engage with them at this age in the following games:

  1. In the bathroom. You can turn swimming into an exciting game by adding boats, ducklings, plastic cups to the water. Show your baby how ducklings dive, boats swim, water pours from one cup to another.

  2. Cubes. Build towers out of blocks with the children, while naming the colors.

  3. Pyramids develop the ability to compare objects.

  4. Matryoshkas. Show how the smaller matryoshka hides in the larger one.

  5. Cubes with holes for molds. Show the child how the figurine disappears into the box, teach him to find the corresponding hole.

Important! All manipulations with small objects must take place in the presence of parents.

Games with a 10 month old baby

With a ten-month-old baby, you can do the following games:

  1. We roll the car. This lesson shows how the applied effort affects the result.

  2. Puzzles. For the first time, you can assemble a picture from 4 parts.

  3. Mosaic, which perfectly develops the fine motor skills of the baby.

  4. Finger paint.

  5. rag dolls introduce children to the location of human body parts.

  6. Clap. Invite your child to repeat simple hand claps after their mother. First it’s one clap, then two, then three. This exercise develops the rhythm of the baby.

Games with a child at 11 months

This is already an adult baby who actively continues to explore the world around him. At 11 months, the child can be offered the following activities:

  1. The wheelchair improves walking skills.

  2. The rocking horse develops the vestibular apparatus.

  3. Playing with sand, sculpting Easter cakes, pouring sand into a bucket.

  4. Fishing rods with magnets help to develop the accuracy of movements.

  5. Factory machines.

Games per year

What to play for a child up to a year


A one-year-old baby can be offered the following activities:

  1. Drawing with crayons, finger paints. Name the child the main colors and shapes.

  2. modeling allows you to develop motor skills, imagination.

  3. Playing with flowers. We invite the child to put toys of a certain color in the box.

During games with a child, it is important for parents not to control the accuracy of the instructions, but to support the emotional component. Do not buy a lot of toys for your baby, his preferences change quickly. Today he is interested in a rattle, tomorrow he is already reaching for a musical piano.